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Two Blondes


Two Blondes and a Board started with...

You guessed it. TWO BLONDES! 

Long time friends turned partners in business, Randee and Camille have a knack for serving others. Both have been turning out fantastic meals and dishes for family events, friends and work gatherings for years. Now they are turning their creativity and passion for feeding the masses into charcuterie boards for all occasions.

So with a healthy glass of wine (or two), they set out to create boards that are beautiful yet simple enough for anyone to enjoy. Pairing perfect cheeses with quality meats, they added special touches to enhance each board with surprise flavors of fruits, nuts and sweet honey and jams; creating a variety of tastes, textures, saltiness, sweetness and creaminess.

More than just your traditional cheese tray, each board will wow your friends with something special for any occasion.

It was an amazing big hit... the fav was the blueberry cheese, everyone loved it. I will recommend you highly.

Nancy Golden Smith; August 2020

Contact Info

Phone: (412)877-4576 or (724) 730-2023



We Are Available: 8am-7pm daily

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